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The power of ideas proves itself under the pressure of reality.

Understanding the elementary meaning of an element in a literal sense is a prerequisite for the manufacture of perfect components. Casting, Forged, Machined parts manufactured by Swati Enterprise meet the highest requirements for strength and safety.
Swati Enterprise has two manufacturing units in Gujarat, India. The company manufactures wide range of Brass, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel components for various industries. We have various manufacturing facilities like Casting, turning, milling, and forging to ensure our customers one stop solution for their non-ferrous metal needs.
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Mold Design

Together with you, our designers will think about possible solutions and qualify you in the initial phase by quickly grasping the problem and quickly implementing the projects.


CAD / CAM systems enable us to transfer the data created in the design directly into CAM programs. With the in-house tool shop, we guarantee speed and flexibility. From the forging tools to the milling device for machining.


For the production of a few grams up to a weight of 12 kg, with an automated system, we can produce hot-pressed parts economically in small series or up to several million pieces per year.


For the production of a 12 gram to 8 Kg, we can produce Casted Parts economically with the casting technology line shell molding, green sand casting, permanent casting.


State-of-the-art CNC-controlled special rotary machines as well as machining and turning centers manufactured according to your specifications and for your needs, take over the mechanical machining of the workpieces. We use multi-spindle machines for complex housing shapes with large quantities.

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